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Cardian Product list

Sr No.Product NameCompositionSizePacking
1SITADOL TABSitagliptin 50 mg10*7Blister
2SITADOL-M 50/500 TABSitagliptin 50 mg & Metformin 500mg10*15Blister
3LIDAPA M TabDapagliflozin 10mg & Metformin 500mg10*10Alu Alu
4LIDAPA-5 TabDapagliflozin 5mg10*10Alu Alu
5LIDAPA-10 TabDapagliflozin 10mg10*10Alu Alu
6LIDAPA M 10/500 TabDapagliflozin 10 mg & Metformin 500 mg (Sustained Release)20*7Blister
7GLISOT-1 TabGlimepiride 1mg10*10Alu Alu
8GLISOT-2 TabGlimepiride 2mg10*10Alu Alu
9GLISOT-M1 Tab (Bilayerd)Glimepride 1mg & Metformin 500mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
10GLISOT-M2 Tab (Bilayerd)Glimepiride 2mg & Metformin 500mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
11GLISOT 1-PM Tab (Bilayerd)Glimepride 1mg, Pioglitazone 15mg & Metformin 500mg(SR)10*10Blister
12GLISOT 2-PM Tab (Bilayerd)Glimepride 2mg, Pioglitazone 15mg & Metformin 500mg(SR)10*10Blister
13GLISOT-M1 FORTE Tab (Bilayerd)Glimepride 1mg & Metformin 1000mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
14GLISOT-M2 FORTE TabGlimepride 2mg & Metformin 1000mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
15BESTOZIDE-M TabGliclazide 80mg with metformin 500mg10*10Alu Alu
16VDBEST-D 10/100 TabDapagliflozin 10mg & Vildagliptin 100mg (Sustained Release)10*10Alu Alu
17VDBEST-50 TabVildagliptin 50mg10*15Alu Alu
18VDBEST M 500 Tabvildagliptin 50mg & Metformin 50010*15Alu Alu
19VDBEST M 1000 TabVildagliptin 50+metformin 1000mg10*15Alu Alu
20TNBEST-20 Tab (Bilayerd)Teneligliptin Hydrobromide 20mg10*10Alu Alu
21TNBEST-M Tab (Bilayerd)Teneligliptin 20mg & Metformin 500mg (Sustained Relese)10*10Alu Alu
22TNBEST-M Forte Tab (Bilayerd)Teneligliptin 20mg & Metformin 1000mg (Sustained Relese)10*10Blister
23BOGLI-M-0.2 Tab (Bilayerd)Voglibose 0.2mg, Metformin 500mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
24BOGLI-M-0.3 Tab (Bilayerd)Voglibose 0.3mg, Metformin 500mg (Sustained Release)10*10Blister
25BOGLI-GM1 Tab (Bilayerd)Voglibose 0.2mg, Metformin 500mg & Glimepride 1mg (SR)10*10Blister
26BOGLI-GM2 Tab (Bilayerd)Voglibose 0.2mg, Metformin 500mg & Glimepride 2mg (SR)10*10Blister
27BOGLI-GM3 Tab (Bilayerd)Voglibose 0.3mg, Metformin 500mg & Glimepride 1mg (SR)10*10Blister
28GRAMY-2.5 TabRamipril 2.5mg10*10Blister
29GRAMY-5 TabRamipril 5mg10*10Blister
30GRAMY-H TabRamipril 2.5mg & Hydrochlothiazide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
31CRV-3.125Carvedilol 3.125mg10*10Blister
32CRV-6.250Carvedilol 6.250mg10*10Blister
33CRV-12.50Carvedilol 12.50mg10*10Blister
34NEBLER-2.5Nebivolol 2.5mg tablets10*10Alu Alu
35NEBLER-5Nebivolol 5mg tablets10*10Alu Alu
36NEBLER-HNebivolol 5mg & Hydrochorthiazide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
37BSPL-2.5 TabletsBisoprolol Fumarate 2.5mg10*10Blister
38BSPL-5 TabletsBisoprolol Fumarate 5mg10*10Blister
39METOBEAT-XL-25 TabMetoprolol succinate 25mg10*10Blister
40METOBEAT-XL-50 TabMetoprolol succinate 50mg10*10Blister
41METOBEAT-AM-25 TabMetoprolol succinate 25mg & Amlodipine 5mg10*10Blister
42METOBEAT-AM-50 TabMetoprolol succinate 50mg & Amlodipine 5mg10*10Blister
43SARILOS-50Losartan 50mg10*10Alu Alu
44SARILOS-HLosartan 50mg & Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
45MYDIL-CR-90Diltiazem 90mg10*10Alu Alu
46ARITEL-40 TabTelmisartan 40mg10*10Alu Alu
47ARITEL-M-25 Tab (Bilayerd)Telmisartan 40mg, Metoprolol Succinate 23.75mg & Metoprolol
Tartrate 25mg
10*10Alu Alu
48ARITEL-M-50 Tab (Bilayerd)Telmisartan 40mg, Metoprolol Succinate 47.75mg & Metoprolol
Tartrate 50mg
10*10Alu Alu
49ARITEL-H TabTelmisartan 40mg & Hydrochlorothizide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
50ARITEL CT 40Telmisartan 40mg& chlorthalidone 12.5mg bilayered10*10Alu Alu
51ARITEL-A TabTelmisartan 40mg & Amlodipine 5mg10*10Alu Alu
52ARITEL - 3D TabTelmisartan 40mg,Amlodipine 5mg & Hydrochlorothizide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
53OMISAR-20 TabOlmesartan 20mg10*10Alu Alu
54OMISAR-40 TabOlmesartan Medoxomil 40mg10*10Alu Alu
55OMISAR-H-20 TabOlmesartan medoxomil 20mg & Hydrochlorothizide 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
56OMISAR-H-40 TabOlmesartan Medoxomil 40mg10*10Alu Alu
57OMISAR AMH 20 TabOlmesartan 20mg,Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5mg & Amlodipine 5mg10*10Alu Alu
58OMISAR AMH 40 TabOlmesartan 40mg,Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5mg & Amlodipine 5mg10*10Alu Alu
59ROSANA-10 TabRosuvastatin 10mg10*10Alu Alu
60ROSANA-20 TabRosuvastatin 20mg10*10Alu Alu
61ROSANA A 10 TabRosuvastatin 10mg & Aspirin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
62ROSANA GOLD 10 CapRosuvastatin 10mg, Clopidogerel 75mg & Asprin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
63ROSANA GOLD 20 CapRosuvastatin 20mg, Clopidogerel 75mg & Asprin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
64ROSANA-F TabRosuvastatin 10mg & Fenofibrate 160mg10*10Alu Alu
65SARITOR-10 TabAtorvastain Calcium Film Coated 10mg10*10Alu Alu
66SARITOR-20 TabAtorvastain Calcium Film Coated 20mg10*10Alu Alu
67SARITOR-A-75 CapAtorvastatin 10mg & Aspirin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
68SARITOR-AC-10 CapClopidogrel 75mg, Atorvastatin 10mg & Aspirin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
69SARITOR-AC-20 CapClopidogrel 75mg, Atorvastatin 20mg & Aspirin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
70RICLOP-A TabClopidogrel 75mg & Aspirin 75mg10*10Alu Alu
71AMLOAD-5Amlodipine 5mg10*10Blister
72AMLOAD-2.5Amlodipine 2.5mg10*10Blister
73AMLOAD-ATAmlodipine 5mg & Atenolol 50mg10*10Alu Alu
74CILIDON-5 TabCilnidipine 5 mg10*10Alu Alu
75CILIDON-10 TabCilnidipine 10mg10*10Alu Alu
76CILIDON-20 TabCilnidipine 20mg10*10Alu Alu
77CILIDON-T TabCilnidipine 10mg & Telmisartan 40mg10*10Alu Alu
78CILIDON-TC-6.25 TabCilnidipine 10mg,Telmisartan 40mg & Chlorthalidone 6.25mg10*10Alu Alu
79CILIDON-TC-6.25 TabCilnidipine 10mg,Telmisartan 40mg & Chlorthalidone 6.25mg10*14Alu Alu
80CILIDON-TC-12.5 TabCilnidipine 10mg,Telmisartan 40mg & Chlorthalidone 12.5mg10*10Alu Alu
81NICOBEAT-5 TabNicorandil 5mg30TabBottle
82NICOBEAT-10 TabNicorandil 10mg30TabBottle
83N-PINE 30 TabRetard Nifedipine (SR) 30mg10*10Alu Alu
84NITROGINA 2.6 TabNitroglycerin Controlled Released 2.6mg30TabBottle
85NITROGINA 6.4 TabNitroglycerin Controlled Released 6.4mg30TabBottle
86RAZINA-500 SRRanolazine 500 SR10*10Blister
87URIDOT- 0.4 TabTamsulosin 0.4mg (MR)10*10Alu Alu
88URIDOT-PLUS TabTamsulosin 0.4mg & Dutasteride 05mg10*10Alu Alu
89URIDOT- F TabTamsulosin 0.4mg & Finesteride 0.5mg10*10Alu Alu
90TH-CARE 25 TabThyroxine 25mg100 TabBottle
91TH-CARE 50 TabThyroxine 50mg100 TabBottle
92TH-CARE 100 TabThyroxine 100mg100 TabBottle
93ARIPRO-SF Powder (sugar free)Protein Powder With DHA 200gm200gmTin
94ARYCO-SF Syp (Sugar Free)Lycopene(10%) 2000mcg Cynocobalamin, Vitamins & Minerals200mlOuter Box
95SUGALIV-SF Syp (Sugar Free)Liver Tonic With Silymarin200mlOuter Box
96TICADOL-90 TABLETSTicagrelor Tablet 14Tab Pack10*1*14Blister
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